Refund & Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy

When you sign up for OnPage Champ, you are automatically subscribed to the free Basic Plan.

The purpose of the plan is to let you experience OnPage Champ before you subscribe to the paid plans.

Still, we understand that there can be times when you may want to cancel your monthly or annual subscription right after signing up.

In those cases, you have 48 hours after the transaction to request for a refund. You need to send a request for refund from your registered email ID to us on . Don’t forget to mention your  transaction details like name, transaction ID, date of transaction etc. 

However, please be advised that OnPage Champ reserves the right to decline your refund request in cases where we see a high/abnormal activity on your account during this timeframe.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to from your registered email address. Please mention the following details to enable a faster cancellation:-

  • Your billing information (name, transaction ID, date etc.) 
  • Registered email address
  • A brief comment explaining why you would like a refund.

The date and time of any cancellation of paid Services shall be the date and time on which the User completes the full cancellation process, including furnishing the above mentioned details.

Since we are a prepaid service, all cancellations happen from the next renewal date onwards.